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Corey Dee Williams

Author, Music Producer, Lifestyle Coach

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Corey Dee is known as a truly multitalented individual, from his dedication to being a premiere health and fitness instructor, to his passion for music production, and extensive experience with interior design. Above all he is an eternal optimist whose immense life experiences have shaped his positive outlook. 

Black Sky

New Release

Random Thoughts

A collection of random thoughts that will invoke alternate ways of thinking and adjust your outlook. Each day it is up to us to take what we have been given and create the mental outcome we choose.

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This book is what you need to remind you about not taking things so seriously. Simple quotes that will help you to think more positive. You will more than likely read one that hits you a certain way and was probably what you needed to hear.

Positivity at It's core

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Praise & Reviews

 I really took my time reading his book to make sure I really let each thought in. I'm glad I did because this gives the reader a fantastic boost of inspiration and also some introspection when some of the thoughts hit very close to home.

Great book for inspiration

Amazon - JP

Life can certainly become challenging at times, and this book is a nice way to remind ourselves how to keep going forward with a positive attitude. No matter what life throws at us...

A small slice of literary peace.

Through the Black Hole

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