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Music Projects


Corey Dee has over three decades of experience in music production, song writing, music editing and video editing - ranging from analog to digital recordings. As a producer, he combines an atmospheric sound with unique and meticulously arranged tracks. Corey’s background as a bass player contributes to his passion for developing catchy bass lines and funk based modern grooves. He is also currently the producer and founder of two genre blending music projects, which include international collaborations with an array of talented and established musicians. Corey uses his extensive knowledge to place the optimum artist with the ideal sounding track for their style - creating a very distinctive vibe.

Corey is a perfectionist when it comes to his art, he’s committed to the quality of the sound, and is always ready to adapt and do what is best for the production. “I think it’s important to be very flexible when it comes to creating something fresh, and discovering new ideas. Sometimes we have to be ready to rearrange or remix tracks at a moment’s notice, to come up with exactly what we’re looking for.”


The sound of living music

Corey’s most recent endeavor is Sonicbiotic, (the Sound of Living Music), which is centered specifically around creative experimentation. It includes the use of instruments and sounds from various styles of music, while combining loop editing and spontaneous recordings.

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In 2016, Corey Dee developed 3Dee Nucleus, a Modern Funk project with digitally recorded live improvised jam sessions at the core of many of its songs. 3DN also occasionally merges funky tracks with his, (and his father Billy Dee Williams’s), affiliation with the Star Wars franchise. “I wanted to take Funk out of the 70’s and make it sound and feel more current. I feel Funk is just a rhythmic attitude that can be used in any genre of music.

3-Dee Nucleus

Blending the old school with the new.

What is 3-Dee Nucleus? …It’s a music project dedicated to the creative process, sharing ideas, and putting down something unique. 100% Organic Eclectic, High Vibe music blending the old school with the new. 3-DN is currently collaborating with a multitude of artists from all around the globe, with new creations on the horizon! This Funky family continues to grow! 

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